Apple discontinues the original HomePod smart speaker, turns attention to  HomePod mini

Apple introduced the original HomePod in 2018 for $349.00. As a consumer for a speaker with siri built in that is expensive compared to its competitors the Amazon Echo and the Google Home Smart speaker. After a year Apple lowered the price to $300, but that was not still enough to increase sales.

Apple on Friday said that it is discontinuing the original HomePod smart speaker and will instead focus on the smaller, more affordable and newer HomePod mini.

The HomePod mini launched last November and, at $99, is among the best-sounding speakers of its size. That’s the model Apple says it will continue to sell.Click here to read the source article

Apple discontinued the HomePod in a relatively short life existence, is this a smart move for the HomePod line? Is the HomePod Mini the future for Apple or is it still priced too high to compete with the Echo and the Google Home speakers?

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