Slice of Bread for Tuesday, March 30th 2021
  • Tesla has double charged some customers for new cars. Can customers get refunded with bitcoin now that tesla accepts bitcoin as a form of currency to purchase their products? How many people got double charged for tesla’s new cars? Click here to read the source article
  • Suez Canal is back in operations after giant stranded ship is freed opening up Egypt for trade. What would have happened if the shipping containers fell in the water losing all valuable goods? Should Egypt look into different transportation options so that trade can continue to happen if a ship gets stuck in the canal again? Click here to read the source article
  • Southwest airlines bought 100 new Boeing 737 max jets. How long does it take to inspect airplanes to ensure that they are safe to fly? Is this a sign that the airlines industry is starting to take off again? Click here to read the source article
One thought on “Slice of Bread for Tuesday, March 30th 2021”
  1. -Tesla’s double charging issue has created quite a spur, as customers have had funds removed from their accounts. More than 50 customers have been double charged, and many say that there is not enough of a sense of urgency for this matter.
    – Thankfully the Suez Canal is back in operation, with the large ship that was functioning as a blockade has been removed. No merchandise fell into the canal, but if it did, Egypt would have lost profit and may have had to remove the merchandise from the water.
    – On average 1-3 days are required to inspect a plane, the purchase of more aircraft means that there will be more use for them. Slowly but surely the airline industry rises once more.

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