A Year Ago Today: At least 25,000 extra people across 11 countries have died during COVID-19 pandemic that were not previously counted according to new mortality figures

By now understanding the amount of people that have been affected by covid can help people know how much it was spreading before it was known. There are many people who had the symptoms long before it was known and didn’t know why. Finding out the true numbers in any situation can help you find out The real scope of what we are dealing with. We all knew how dangerous covid was but we had no clue at the time how much it affected us until then.

Although finding the correct numbers may seem like a tedious task, once you find out those numbers many avenues open up. From solving a world health crisis to simply finding a demographic to sell a product to. Being able to estimate correctly based on similar data can help you succeed much more than you would expect. 

What do you believe, estimating the amount of people correctly could benefit a company. (Covid research or any other industry)

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