Tom Brady gets ‘bready’ for football season in hilarious Subway ad

(Fox Business) — The Buccaneers quarterback signed an endorsement deal with the eatery earlier in the summer. On Thursday, as he and the Buccaneers took on the Dallas Cowboys, one of the first ads featuring him dropped during the football game.

The commercial at first appeared to be a cologne ad for Brady until the spray bottle spells out the word “bready.” But the seven-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback made it known that “Subway as so much new” they “bought time” in his ad to highlight what was new.

“People are wondering about my new partnership with Subway. As this new commercial will tell you, I don’t eat much bread, but at the end of the day I recognize greatness when I see it. When they told me about all the new menu items they were launching, I couldn’t resist getting in on the fun. Bready…. It’s forbidden,” Brady wrote on Instagram.

Click here to see Subway’s tweet along with the commercial

Brady was announced as one of the spokespeople for the new ad campaign along with Charles Barkley, Steph Curry, Serena Williams, and Megan Rapinoe.

In July’s media release, Subway explained that its new “Eat Fresh Refresh” launch “celebrates the biggest changes in Subway’s history, including improvements to almost every core product on the menu and a better digital and in-restaurant experience to ensure the brand delivers better choices every day.”

The company described its new marketing campaign as “the first never-ending TV spot” with commercials featuring their new sports celebrity spokespersons, along with social and digital content.

“The Subway Eat Fresh Refresh campaign brings to life how much new we have on our menu and is a significant moment in the brand’s transformation journey,” Subway chief marketing officer Carrie Walsh said in a statement. “We developed a creative idea with a supporting cast of the biggest names in sports to share all of the fabulous changes happening at Subway in a story that continues across multiple spots and formats.” Full Loaf Hot Link marketing Original Article By: Ryan Gaydos

Rising Dough

Rising Dough - the question(s) that we need to think about from the reading.What do you think of the campaign? Will this campaign drive traffic to the stores, explain? 

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9 thoughts on “Tom Brady gets ‘bready’ for football season in hilarious Subway ad”
  1. Yea I think it will drive in in more traffic because Tom was the supper bowl champion and every year all the champions get in a ton of commercials advertising things to make the company more money

  2. Funny thing is, Brady doesn’t eat bread, but maybe it’ll drive customers in, I love subway myself. It’s not of my favorite sandwich places. I can’t see sales going up a substantial amount

  3. I think that the campaign they are running is funny and will drive people into their stores because people tend to go to places that they see on ads and commercials, and Superbowl commercials are especially big for advertising companies.

  4. It’ll drive traffic because Brady is a well known football player and super bowl champion so everyone will wanna eat there since they think he eats there too

  5. I think this campaign is a funny way to get people to remember subway is still a thing. I feel like this won’t drive up traffic since subway has been on the downfall since 2017.

  6. I think that Tom Brady will bring some people to subway as he is the hot topic in football right now for win the super bowl last year, This collaboration is a overall win win as both side are winning from the endorsement deal.

  7. I think the campaign will bring in some new clientele because of how big Brady is right now, but not for long. This will raise profit for a month or two at most while the season is just starting but depending on how his season is it will definitely go back to normal.

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