The Slice of Bread for Friday, September 17, 2021
  • Ford adds jobs to increase the production level of their new electric F-150 pickup and there are over 150,000 people who reserved a ticket to purchase the truck. How much will the electric F-150 pickup cost? Will the new line of Ford electric vehicles help make their stock bullish? Click here to read the source article
  • Lawmakers demand answers from Mark Zuckerberg after an investigation finds Instagram is toxic for teen girls. What is the Facebook CEO doing to make the platform less toxic? Should Instagram remove the like button from photos? Click here to read the source article
  • Southwest is unveiling new covid vaccine incentives for staff who receive the vaccine. What are the incentives that they are giving to staff? Should other companies make it mandatory to make workers wear masks if they are vaccinated? When it comes down to covid should it be seen as my body my choice when it comes to wearing a mask at work? Click here to read the source article

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