Inflation causes grocery store prices to skyrocket

(FOX43) — Just like most things these days, you’ve probably realized you’re paying more for groceries.

According to a New York Federal Reserve survey, in the past year inflation rose 5.4% — which is the most in 13 years.

“I’m mad because all this doesn’t have to happen, all this did not have to happen,” said shopper Georgy Daugherty.

Some have blamed the surge on the pandemic.

“Millions of people in this country have slowed down, they didn’t go out and buy anything and now corporate wants their money back,” said shopper Paul Diehl.

Prices for meats, fish, and eggs have climbed 10.5%, while beef has increased 17.6%.

At Karns Supermarket in Goldsboro the demand for products is high.

 “We had steaks on sale last week and we had a hard time keeping that here. People would come in and buy bulks and bulks of it,” said Manager Courtney Conrad.

Shoppers feel they’re left with little options.

“I don’t know what else. We have to eat. We have to buy gas to go places. So we just pay it,” said Daugherty. 

Store managers say in the coming weeks they expect the demand for food to increase as thanksgiving nears. Full Loaf Hot Link Inflation Original Article By: Shaquille Omari

Rising Dough

Rising Dough - the question(s) that we need to think about from the reading.How is inflation going to affect the middle to lower class? What is going to happen to discretionary income?

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8 thoughts on “Inflation causes grocery store prices to skyrocket”
  1. With inflation making prices for items in grocery stores going up its best assume that there will be a point when neither the middle or lower class could pay for their food, due to the increase in price it would be too much of a risk to buy the items that they need and would try to go to the cheapest places they could go to.

  2. Inflation will affect the middle to lower class because they won’t be able to afford getting food or anything else they might want causing them to only be able to get the essentials and nothing more. The discretionary income is going to drop because people won’t have enough money left to save because food and groceries is going to be taking it all.

  3. Middle to lower class won’t be capable of buying products they need to survive because of the prices increasing. Prices would be higher than before and they wouldn’t have any money to buy other things because they focused on groceries that they needed.

  4. Middle class is going to struggle getting what they need. They’re living a stable life, not the best but stable. The inflation could very well change that. Most of their money will now be going to just groceries. They will have less money for other things.

  5. it is going to make buying grocery harder and budgeting is going to have be tight. The meals are gonna get smaller if the companies try to compensate for inflation.

  6. Because of the inflation in grocery stores The Middle Class and the lower class will start struggling to maintain themselves because food and other necessities will become too expensive to buy, the discretionary income is going to drop because people won’t have enough money left to save because food and groceries is going to use up most of their income.

  7. Inflation makes purchasing more difficult for lower to middle class because they can’t afford groceries or gas from their minimum wage jobs but they decide to pay it anyways because they can’t changes the prices and need gas to go to work everyday and food to survive and feed their families. The discretionary income will drop because people are spending most of their money on groceries and gas and won’t have enough money left.

  8. Inflation affects the middle to lower class by reducing their purchasing power. Their discretionary income will also decrease, not being able to purchase as much because they’re spending a lot of their income on necessities.

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