Mondelez beats revenue estimates on strong snack demand

During this pandemic it has made many people aware of how much they enjoy eating. With there being much less to do, many have turned to snacking. Mondelez is the company known for Oreos and many other popular snack foods. Recently they have beat the estimate of how much demand there would be of snacks. In the last quarter it sp[iked as many people were forced to stay home during the holidays where they would usually end up getting less sales. 

Making the most out of the market is a constant challenge that all business owners have to participate in. Due to Covid-19 there have been many food companies that either lost large portions of money or gained significantly. By marketing online and on TV there are more people in front of screens than there has ever been.  Mondelez worked with Lady Gaga to create a line of Oreos to help boost their sales. To take what people miss, concerts and events, and to throw it in their face in promotion. You can transfer their excitement into your product. Having a popular singer promote a product in a time where she can not have many concerts is very smart because her fan base misses her and wants to see her again. 

If you were to promote snacks during Covid-19 how would you do it?

What would you think is the largest growing market during Covid-19?

7 thoughts on “Mondelez beats revenue estimates on strong snack demand”
  1. The way that I would market and sell snacks is through social media and more importantly: TikTok. TikTok is the highest growing social media platform during this pandemic and running an ad or having a creator take a bit will really boost sales. The largest growing market to me is definitely TikTok because during this quarantine that everyone has been in, going on their phones or tablets one of the first things that pop up are for TikTok.

  2. If I were to promote a snack during Covid time, I would probably promote it through a commercial o TV or through a social media (like Tik Tok, or Instagram). YouTube is also a very great place to promote a snack brand. I think that te largest growing brand during Covid is either a streaming service or a food service.

  3. If i was to promote a snack i would be a type of chips brand or candy something easy and everyone loves to eat using YouTube or Tik Tock since most people be on these apps/websites.
    I would say the largest growing market is streaming since while you can’t go to movie theaters and less people are watching cable streaming is the most growing platform during covid.

  4. To promote a snack, I would use social media, and not just for ads. Some brands have twitter accounts and such where they are fun and interactive with their consumers/customers. I feel like accounts like that bring attention to the brand and allow for being more than just a snack.
    The top industries are probably online retail and streaming. Twitch brought in crazy high number for hours streamed and watched during Covid and it definitely benefitted from people staying home. For online retail we can look at Amazon who did pretty well, and it makes sense with all the online shopping that was done throughout 2020.

  5. I would promote it the same way other companies have, which is through celebrities. Many celebrities have big platforms and fan bases which allows them
    to promote many things from other companies and make profit off of it. If I were to see something being promoted by a celebrity or artist that I like I would be intrigued and would be curious on what it’s about and if I want to buy it. What there doing is good and is a good way to market their products.

  6. I would promote healthier snacks that actually taste good because during the pandemic some people don’t get out as much and sitting in the house eating snacks makes you gain weight, which i’m pretty sure some people are trying to avoid.
    I think the largest growing market is streaming services many people are at home right now with a lot of time on their hands and have time to watch tv.

  7. If I were to promote snacks I would most likely promote them on social media sites instead of TV because everyone is on social media nowadays. You would most likely get more people to see the ads. I believe the largest growing market during covid has to be social media, food, and clothes. I saw this because everyone’s inside and they have money so they are going to spend it somewhere. Food is the first thought then online shopping is safer than going in stores.

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