Walmart links with The Trade Desk in extensive overhaul to ad business

The advertisement process was fairly linear with the use of cookies but with their use coming to an end, companies like Walmart have begun to look towards to advertising developments to keep of with the times. Through leveraging their current assets and partnering with The Trade Desk, Walmart hopes to foster a holistic ad experience, this time using first and second party data to run their ads.Full Loaf Hot Link

How do you think Walmart’s new ad approach will change the consumer experience? How will this ad development partnership benefit The Trade Desk as a company?

7 thoughts on “Walmart links with The Trade Desk in extensive overhaul to ad business”
  1. the name might bring more people in just to see what it is and to experience it but to me i dont like the new logo .. but thats just my opinion

  2. I think its a great thing that Walmart is taking a more professional approach of showing ads to consumers with their own analysis about what their costumers want. Trade desk will make a lot of money from Walmart since Walmart is a popular place to shop for many people especially those online being more enticed to buy something.

  3. I think it’s cool that Walmart is trying to stay with the new trends. I mean every company should keep up with trends so their companies will thrive greatly. I personally think that trends are a good way to promote your business. Its using your Pathos, Ethos, and Logo strategies.

  4. I feel like the name and the logo will attract more people I think the logo looks really cool and it seems like they want to be more professional which could be good also hopping on to sort of a trendy thing.

  5. I think it’s a great idea that Walmart wants to up their game with the ads because ads definitely bring in more customers which means more money. It’s also a good idea that Trade Desk wants to collaborate with Walmart because they will also bring in a lot of revenue.

  6. I think it will change because more people will be online because of the virus. I think Walmart buildings will be more empty because of how many people would love to use the app instead of feeling at risk for being around people. This will also cave way for people to reach each other easily over products and having a second party would be very beneficial. I feel like the partnership will help The Trade Desk boost its relevance and its sales. It would bring in a lot of revenue for them as well and good profit.

  7. I think this was a very smart and good move Walmart made and i like how their advertising what they know their consumers like. As for trade desk this will benefit them Walmart is very popular.

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