What’s the difference between NFTs and Cryptocurrency?

What is the difference between Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) and Cryptocurrency? In today’s world digital art/objects have become normal, but people have a difficult time deciphering the difference between the two.NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. NFT (NFT) and cryptocurrency have a lot of similarities, but one thing that distinguishes them is their nature as currencies. NFTs were created for a purpose. They are tokens that represent something tangible that cannot be picked up, broken, or destroyed. NFTs are unique to the token itself and cannot be transacted with or exchanged with other assets.

An NFT can be purchased with “real money” by buying goods and services from other people with the use of coins. You can then transfer the coins you earn to another wallet or store them for longer periods of time for an online merchant to accept later. Cryptocurrency is a digital currency and is used to buy things from online stores, the same way you pay for groceries with your credit card. You can use it to make purchases on online platforms like Amazon or eBay. Cryptocurrency is created and managed by the mining of computing power. Cryptocurrencies have no inherent value and are just like any other kind of digital asset.

A cryptocurrency is not limited to a single use case and can be used as a currency, but it also carries some advantages over NFTs in terms of ease of use, accessibility, and storage management.NFTs are stored locally on the devices they’re sent to, while cryptocurrency wallets are stored on multiple computers that should all be accessible by each user at any given time.

Cryptocurrency wallets can also support multiple cryptocurrencies without limit, while NFTs must only support one coin at a time. When sending someone money, you don’t need their permission to use their wallet because it’s just another name for their bank account number.Click here to read the source article

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