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Dreamers dream. Realists realize.

Simply based on the names reportedly tied to a potential NBA franchise in Las Vegas — including noted sports executive/developer Tim Leiweke, boxing’s richest moneymaker Floyd Mayweather Jr. and recently bestowed billionaire-club member LeBron James — it appears nearly certain pro hoops will bounce in the Nevada desert one day, perhaps before decade’s end.

While NBA Commissioner Adam Silver poured a bit of cool water on expansion chatter earlier this month, necessary wheels are already spinning at a brisk RPM that forecasts, not just the mere possibility of a new team in Sin City but a very high likelihood. Rumors are also swirling that Seattle would pair with Las Vegas as a second city added to the lineup, as soon as the 2024-25 season, according to published reports.

“We are not discussing that at this time,” Silver told reporters before the start of the NBA Finals. “As I’ve said before, at some point, this league will invariably expand, just not at this moment.”……Full Loaf Hot Link[read more]

Rising Dough

Rising Dough - the question(s) that we need to think about from the reading.What is the attraction of professional sports leagues to Las Vegas? Why has it taken so long for major sports leagues to move or consider moving into the Las Vegas market?

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