The NFL lost big in ticket sales this season, but corporate sponsorships softened the blow

(CNBC) With one game remaining, the National Football League isn’t celebrating getting through a pandemic year.

Super Bowl LV in Tampa Bay, Florida, is scheduled for Sunday, and the league will officially wrap up its 2020 season. It’s estimated the NFL lost out on up to $4 billion in revenue as the Covid-19 pandemic cut into ticket sales, but the league told CNBC its national partnerships, which bring in roughly $1 billion, weren’t hurt.

In an interview with CNBC, NFL Chief Revenue Officer Renie Anderson confirmed the league added four new categories and renewed major companies like Visa to keep its blue-chip corporate sponsors total at 36. Companies including Postmates, Subway and Hyperice joined the league’s portfolio, while North Carolina-based Truist Bank is now leasing the NFL’s retail banking slot.

“It’s an odd thing to say in a global pandemic,” Anderson said. “But I feel good about our business.”

Does the NFL give enough perks to their corporate sponsors? What benefit does the NFL gain in having tiered pricing for their corporate sponsors? Why does the league negotiate the sponsorship deals so far out, couldn’t they just start a new sponsorship immediately?

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4 thoughts on “The NFL lost big in ticket sales this season, but corporate sponsorships softened the blow”
  1. I believe that the NFL does give enough benefits to there sponsors and I believe that this year they will have the highest viewer ship rates this year then any other year due to so many people being at home with nothing to do. Also the NFL is being smart buy setting up the LED panels so where they loose money from seating they gain in advertising dollars. I Think that they should try to use all the opportunities they have on ads to make money.

  2. the NFL totally gives enough perks to their corporate sponsors!!! The NFL gained many New partners including Postmates, Subway and Hyperice. The NFL says its partnership revenue, which brings in more than $1 billion, is in strong position as it gets set to finish its Covid pandemic year with Super Bowl LV in Tampa Bay, Florida.

  3. The NFL was impacted by the lost of money due to the COVID-19 pandemic but, they were still about to bring enough perks to their corporate sponsors. They were even able to gain more partnerships this year. The NFL will gain more views along with more partnerships which can help grow advertising and donations to the company. I think that the NFL negotiate the sponsorship way far out because they need time to see if things will work out and if the company will bring benefits to both of them.

  4. I think the NFL does give good enough perks to sponsors, especially since so many people watch the super bowl, it is a good way for companies to sponsor their business to a lot of people. I also think this year the Super Bowl might have even more viewers than before due to the fact that a lot of people are at home. Some people may not having anything else to do and just watch the super bowl.

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