Coke’s latest bizarre flavor is here | CNN Business

Coca-Cola’s latest experimental, limited-time flavor is here. It’s called … wait for it … Dreamworld. And it tastes like … dreams?

“We wanted to create a dream-inspired drink that was recognizably Coca-Cola but with additional cues that bring to life the playfulness and brightness of dreams,” a company spokesperson said in an email about the product.

“We took inspiration from the technicolor world of dreams, adding a dash of vibrant flavors to our great Coca-Cola taste,” the spokesperson added. 

“Dreamworld” is the fourth drink to come out of Coca-Cola Creations, Coke’s new innovation platform that focuses on…….Full Loaf Hot Link[read more]

Rising Dough

Rising Dough - the question(s) that we need to think about from the reading.What is the benefit of a company introducing a limited-time/edition product?

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9 thoughts on “Coke’s latest bizarre flavor is here | CNN Business”
  1. The benefit of a company releasing a limited time item is intended to attract more customers by providing a new, unseen look to the products.

  2. What is the benefit of a company introducing a limited-time/edition product?
    People rush to snap up the new product due to it’s limited time offer status, so that they can buy it before they stop selling it. There is also a certain appeal to the new and unknown flavor, especially dream flavor

  3. What is the benefit of a company introducing a limited-time/edition product?
    The benefit of a company introducing a limited time product is the type of attention the company would then attract. Consumers would follow the attraction behind something limited because they’re going to want to experience something that they may not be able to try again. I believe after a company releases something like this ci=onsumers would want to see what that company has else to offer.

  4. Companies introducing a limited time/edition product is all about marketing. The benefit of this is turning something well known and old into something new in order to attract customers. When companies do this, their goal is to boost sales and bring back relevance to their products. Marketing something new from a well known company to consumers will make them want to purchase the product to try it.

  5. The benefit of a company releasing a product for limited time can be for an array of reasons. The main reason of course is to promote sales, and peak interest of consumers. A good example of this is provided in the article, an odd and mysterious flavor beverage captures the consumers interest and makes them wonder what it may taste like, therefore they want to spend money on the product to experience the “limited flavor”.

  6. What is the benefit of a company introducing a limited-time/edition product, well these limited-time products make sure the company is still relevant and it keeps the customer happy wit new ideas and making it limited makes the consumer more egger to buy the item rather than just talking about it

  7. The benefit of introducing a limited time product, is bringing in more sales. Having limited products will have people trying to line up to buy them, that includes scalpers, collectors, and people who want to try the drink. With a massive amount of people trying to buy the product more sales will be brought in.

  8. The benefit of a company introducing a limited edition flavor would be enticing people to try the new flavor and buy it as soon as possible because you don’t know when they’ll stop producing them.

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