Starbucks’ PSL is here — and it’s more expensive than ever | Today

Just like the monsoon season in India and the dry season along the tropical rain belt, there is another yearly weather pattern we here at the TODAY Food trend forecasting center watch out for: pumpkin spice season. We’re sorry to be the ones to tell you this, but our radar has detected the big one — it’s coming.

On Tuesday, Starbucks will again become the origin point of the inescapable sweater tsunami that is autumn with its signature Pumpkin Spice Latte. 

Due to Hurricane PSL coming out Tuesday, there is a 100% probability that someone wearing an infinity scarf, well-worn Uggs, and a chunky knit sweater will post a selfie with their head tilted back, sticking their tongue out with a peace sign with one hand and holding that sweet spiced nectar in the other. Oh, the humanity.

This is the 19th year of PSL season, being first tracked as a phenomenon-in-the-making in 2003, and the rest is cheugy history, as they say.

Storm trackers say the air will smell of cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove, spices that Starbucks says complements the real pumpkin in the sauce. Yes, there really is pumpkin in it, running contrary to prior speculations from one beloved TODAY weatherman.

According to CNN, a stronger storm — inflation — has affected the……Click here to read the source article[read more]

Rising Dough

Rising Dough - the question(s) that we need to think about from the reading.How will the price increase due to inflation affect the sale of the PSL and all Pumpkin Spice beverages and dessert items at Starbucks’?

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12 thoughts on “Starbucks’ PSL is here — and it’s more expensive than ever | Today”
  1. I feel like the price increase of the starbucks PSL and other seasonal items will cause people to not get it as often as they wanted to. I believe that people will still get it because it’s such a popular, seasonal trend but they won’t get it as often as they would like to. This will cause starbucks to not make as much money as they assumed they were going to but also making a high profit.

  2. The price increase due to inflation will affect the sale of the PSL and all Pumpkin Spice beverages and dessert items by decreasing the number of each that is sold, this is due to the increase of up to $0.50 in some places, the change could not be big though as people that would want one will most likely go and get one despite the price increase.

  3. Inflation might make it so that usual limited items such as Starbuck’s PSL to be out for longer so in return they get more profit but they could also lose profit overtime because the less items are limited the less people will be trying to get it right away.

  4. I don’t think the price increase will affect sales. Consumers have become accustomed to higher prices, and a $5.45-$5.95 coffee is in the range of a Starbucks drink price. For many consumers who shop at Starbucks, this is a price they are willing to pay. Starbucks is also not in the business of selling coffee to anyone. If we see their business model over the years, they have turned their coffee into a luxury experience many want and are willing to pay high bucks for.

  5. The prices of coffee at Starbucks will continue to have to go up, meaning higher prices, meaning making Starbucks even less affordable to the average person

  6. I agree with Jorge, Starbucks is not an ordinary coffee chain anymore and is more of a luxury beverage industry. The higher prices due to inflation really does not seem like it will affect most of the consumers who shop for their caffeine. Sure, there may be slightly less sales, but that wont stop the new items from profiting. After all, everyone knows that Starbucks is expensive, and if they still shop there, that means they have money to spare.

  7. Inflation will cause the price of the PSL and other seasonal items to increase in price drastically through time and cause it to be sold less. Most people aren’t gonna wanna pay 5-8 dollars for a single coffee which will make the selling rate decrease and eventually Starbucks will start to lose a lot money

  8. Personally I believe the inflation in Pumpkin Spice products and products in general will cause a decrease in sales. But then again I know there will be some people willing to pay any inflated cost due to the specialty/seasonal coffees.

  9. increasing the price to the PSL and all other beverages will probably not bring many more people to Starbucks due to it already being expensive to the average person

  10. I don’t think increasing the price of the drink will affect the sales. This is mainly because this is a seasonal drink and many people love it and will continue to purchase it.

  11. i dont like how the price is going up so much because more people like it. even though its to help make more money they couldve kept the price the same because now people aren’t going to buy it as much

  12. i don’t think that increase of prices will change sales at all. people look forward to this drink all year who love it so when it comes out they are going to be so quick to buy it no matter how much it cost

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