U.S. Chamber of Commerce Names Its First New Leader in 24 Years

After 24 years of the US Chamber of Commerce being run by Mr. Thomas J. Donohue, and 109 years of the chamber being directed by a man, Ms. Suzanne Clark will take over as the new Chief Executive Officer of the chamber! She will take her position officially on March 11, 2021.

Ms. Clark’s new responsibilities include controlling one of the biggest business lobbying groups in the country, as well as working with both Democrats and Republicans to come together and help the chamber become more centrist.

Ms. Clark officially joined the Chamber in 1997 and has worked on various initiatives such as her recent Equality of Opportunities initiative which aims to help close the racial wealth gap. As well, she has worked to strengthen the Chamber’s ties with technology companies and small businesses.Click here to read the source article

What do you think of this new accomplishment for the Chamber? Is there anything else you know about Ms. Clark we forgot to mention?

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By Jorge Sanchez

Writer at Today's Dough since January 2021. Jorge is involved in organizations such as FCCLA and DECA, where he holds various leadership positions. Jorge serves as the 2021-2022 Florida FCCLA State President, and 2021-2022 JHS DECA Vice President of Project Management. He currently attends Jefferson High School in Tampa, FL, and participates in the Business and Finance Leadership Academy.

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