Twitter posts strong Q4 results as user base, revenue jumps

Our favorite app: the one we know and love for the countless life lessons and rather interesting people just posted its earnings for the last three months of 2020, and the numbers are quite good!

From October to December of 2020, Twitter reported revenue of $1.29 billion! That came out to a total earned of $221.1 million, or just about 27 cents per share. The total revenue is up 28% compared to last year, and the total earned is up 88%!

Twitter also said that it expects its ad revenue to grow quicker than its expenses in 2021, as the company seeks to invest in more ad technology. Some experts have cited that new privacy features by Apple’s new iOS 14 — which allows iOS users to refuse companies the ability to track them across the internet — could have a modest effect on their revenue, but not too much.Click here to read the source article

What do you think of these earnings? Even as people leave Twitter over the banning of key figures in politics and other fields, do you think Twitter will earn as much in 2021?

To read the full article, click on the “Full Loaf” image above! Come back after and let us know your thoughts!

By Jorge Sanchez

Writer at Today's Dough since January 2021. Jorge is involved in organizations such as FCCLA and DECA, where he holds various leadership positions. Jorge serves as the 2021-2022 Florida FCCLA State President, and 2021-2022 JHS DECA Vice President of Project Management. He currently attends Jefferson High School in Tampa, FL, and participates in the Business and Finance Leadership Academy.

One thought on “Twitter posts strong Q4 results as user base, revenue jumps”
  1. I think that Twitter’s earning were top notch. Not surprising since in 2020 it was a source of communicating of all the drama and politics. So , its not that surprising that there earnings were pretty high. I think that Twitter will do as well in the coming years due to it being a quick source of information and many people use it all the time. Who knows what will happen only time will tell if Twitter will exceed there numbers again.

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