Yes, You should stop using Facebook apps on your iPhone

Hidden in the terms and conditions, unknowingly apple users have allowed Facebook and the apps they’ve built to invade their privacy in ways they didn’t know they had given them the ability to do. Typically, people skip reading the fine print, a bad habit Facebook has taken advantage of. Whether it be Whatsapp or messenger, the “allow Facebook to track your activity” requesting has given them permission to track users outside of the app. In doing so, the software company was able to use the information it dug up in its algorithm in an effort to create a more tailored experience or online ads. Even with a seemingly harmless purpose, gifting Facebook access to all of your activity may prove to have underhanded consequences. Full Loaf Hot Link

Considering Apple’s development of their new privacy program that will expose exactly what users are agreeing to, how do you think this will affect Facebook’s ad experience?

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