Salesforce says ‘the 9-to-5 workday is dead’ and will provide 3 new ways for employees to work — including the possibility of working from home forever

Salesforce is next! The company now joins a number of other companies that will allow employees to work full time from their homes, regardless of the Covid-19 pandemic.

This announcement is part of their new work plans, which include a “flex” option that allows employees to work from home most of the time, and coming to the physical office only 1-3 days.

Of Salesforce 49,000 employees, it is said only a small percentage will take advantage of working in the building full time. Given this, the company is reworking how their offices work, transitioning from cubicles and rows of desks to community spaces where employees can interact and communicate with one another.Click here to read the source article

What do you think of these new changes? Do you believe others companies will move towards this method as well?

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By Jorge Sanchez

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2 thoughts on “Salesforce says ‘the 9-to-5 workday is dead’ and will provide 3 new ways for employees to work — including the possibility of working from home forever”
  1. 2. I think these new changes will be very beneficial to employees being able to work from home allows them to be more productive, the work environment will be safe and cleaner especially with the pandemic still going on and it can allow people to be flexible with their schedules. It safe to say there are many benefits of this change and I high advise other companies to partake in this change.

  2. I think these changes are a great idea because I’m pretty sure if anybody had the chance to work from home, they would because sometimes people just don’t feel like getting up early to go to work and in all honesty, most jobs can be done from home unless you’re a Doctor or Dentist or working in retail. I do think that other companies will try this method because it might be more convenient and it could save them money if they no longer have to pay for a building or office space.

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