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General Motors has a “new business” and that’s servicing Tesla electric vehicles at its dealerships. Since 2021, GM claims that its dealers have fixed over 11,000 Tesla EVs across the nation. The business is a growing one it says and comes at a time when Tesla is still fine-tuning its own service model.

Nearly all Tesla owners, including long-time owners, buy through a third party such as a used car dealer. Many dealerships have now taken it upon themselves to purchase a few hundred Telsas each in order to offer their own service models. This business is not to replace the Tesla company but as a service to their fellow car owners. Some dealerships like to advertise their work on the internet and many like to provide maintenance videos in the same way. What this means is that you will still need to take your Tesla to a third-party shop, but you can rest assured that they will know what they are doing!

Of course, GM is no slouch in the auto manufacturing business and they should know a thing or two about servicing electric vehicles. They’re also aware that Tesla is growing fast and are taking a lead in this growing business. What are Tesla’s own service models like, I hear you ask? Well, Tesla has 3 plans for an EV owner. Firstly, there is a basic service plan for $100 per visit. Next is the Service Plus program with unlimited service. To make this work, Tesla is creating its own Tesla-only technician training academy program that will enable third-party shops and technicians to qualify. Tesla also offers its own fleet of service trucks and is now rolling out Mobile Quick Connects across the U.S……..Click here to read the source article[read more]

Rising Dough

Rising Dough - the question(s) that we need to think about from the reading.What are GM dealers gaining by servicing Tesla vehicles?

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5 thoughts on “GM Says Its Dealers Have Serviced Over 11,000 Tesla EVs Since 2021 | Car Scoops”
  1. What I see in this statement is that General Motors has an idea about electronic vehicles. I did a project about General Motors and I know that they’re coming out with a bunch of electric vehicles in the future the future being 2024-5 so damn having understanding and have serviced the type of vehicles that the rolling out you know they well-versed in because Tesla is kind of the biggest brand doing electronic vehicles, and the fact that they know how to deal with the biggest brand meaning that they can produce potentially become one of the biggest brands and electronic vehicles. Now Tesla has the model and the logo, but if General Motors comes out with a good product then it might be a strong competitor even though all vehicles are competitor but nothing like electronic vehicles for sure

  2. I think due to Tesla being known as a safer car and it not really being as expensive in some cases for luxury cars I think they are gaining more and more buyers, and it seems to be it will keep trending that way.

  3. Gm knows that Tesla is one of those cars that only gets serviced by the company so it’s trying to create a cheaper and more understanding service

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