Today’s Slice of Bread for Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Disney blindsided Chapek with CEO’s decision after reaching out to Iger on Friday. Why did Bob Iger step back into the CEO role at Disney? How can Iger make Disney profitable again? Click here to read the source article

Amazon’s new Fire TV is better and currently costs less than last year’s model. How will Amazon discount last year’s model to ensure that both TVs are still being purchased at high volumes? What other technology will Amazon reveal ahead of the holiday season? Click here to read the source article

Civil rights leaders condemn Musk’s decision to lift Trump’s Twitter ban. If Trump wins the 2024 election how will his Twitter account be run now that there have been many investigations opened based on his past tweets? Because Musk allowed Trump back onto Twitter does this mean that he is in favor of the republican party? Click here to read the source article

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