Today’s Slice for Wednesday, November 23, 2022

German company Sono Motors is working on a solar electric vehicle and this might be the next generation of EVs. How would these vehicles generate charge while using solar energy to also operate the vehicle? Could we see Tesla or Rivian produce these cars before Sono Motors releases them to the public? Click here to read the source article 

Elon Musk says the Twitter Blue relaunch is delayed and may use different color checks for organizations. How will the restructuring of Twitter Blue help with revenue brought in from subscriptions? How much money would Twitter need to bring in in order for Twitter to come out from the red? Click here to read the source article

Best Buy shares rise as retailer sticks with its holiday-quarter outlook. What is Best Buys prediction on quarterly revenue from this holiday season? Will Best Buy generate enough revenue to sustain its 2021 losses? Click here to read the source article

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