The Slice of Bread for Wednesday, November 30, 2022

iPhone maker Foxconn entices upset workers in China to return as Apple faces supply crunch. Will Apple move manufacturing plants so that they reduce their supply chain issues? How much money does Apple spend a year to manufacture new Apple products? Click here to read the source article

Chinese Tesla rival Nio and giant Tencent partner to work on self-driving tech. Can Nio make better self-driving tech for their vehicles? What tests will Nio need to pass in order to have full self-driving capabilities in the future? Click here to read the source article

How FTX ‘death spiral’ spelled doom for BlockFi, according to the bankruptcy filings. How has FTX affected millions of investors and employees in the crypto space? What other companies have FTX brought to their doom during this entire scandal?  Click here to read the source article

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