Krispy Kreme CEO Says Robots Will Frost and Fill Donuts Soon | Gizmodo

Krispy Kreme CEO Michael J. Tattersfield recently revealed in an interview with Yahoo Finance that the company is planning to add robots to its workforce next year in order to meet rising demand and reduce production times. Expressing his vision, Tattersfield stated, “So probably within the next 18 months, you’ll see some automation starting to go into the frosting, the filling, the sprinkles, and even the packaging.” He also hinted that these robots may be implemented in the company’s factory stores, grocers, and convenience shops. Gizmodo reached out to Krispy Kreme for further clarification on the scope of their robot workforce……..Click here to read the source article[read more]

Rising Dough

Rising Dough - the question(s) that we need to think about from the reading.How will the new robots affect the financial statements currently and long term?

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