Today’s Slice of Bread for Tuesday, January 3, 2022

Southwest Airlines says holiday meltdown will certainly hit fourth-quarter results. How will Southwest Airlines correct the holiday meltdown ahead of their quarter 1 reporting in 2023? What were some challenges that Southwest Airlines faced during the holiday season? Click here to read the source article

The boldest bitcoin calls for 2023 are out – and a 1,400% rally or a 70% plunge may be on the cards. What will crypto markets affect in 2023 If they continue to fall at the pace they are at? Will Bitcoin make a market correction if inflation prices lower? Click here to read the source article

Tesla reports 1.31 million deliveries in 2022, a growth of 40% over the last year. How can Tesla fix the mistakes it had in 2022 to ensure that the stock’s price grows rather quickly? Is Elon to blame for the stock falling in price over the course of 2022? Click here to read the source article

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