Today’s Slice of Bread for Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Apple is reportedly set to announce a reality pro-VR headset this spring and will ship it in the fall. How will this new reality pro-VR affect apples 2023 revenue? Is Apple making a mistake by entering into the virtual reality market now that there are many variations of a VR headset? Click here to read the source article

Bob Iger tells Disney employees they must return to the office four days a week. How has working from home affected Disney’s revenue and work projects? What does Bob Iger plan to do in order to help Disney generate more theme park profit? Click here to read the source article

SEC fines McDonald’s CEO for misleading investors about his firing. How does the misrepresentation of firing employees affect a publicly traded company? Is the former McDonald’s CEO finned a little too harshly as he can no longer serve as an officer or director for any SEC-reporting company? Click here to read the source article

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