Today’s Slice of Bread for Thursday, January 26, 2023

Microsoft users were hit with a global cloud outage that impacted products like Teams and Outlook. How can such a large company be affected by outages affecting multiple products simultaneously? What would happen to companies that have to use Microsoft products for future situations if another outage was to occur? Click here to read the source article

Google job cuts more than 1,800 employees in California, including 27 massage therapists. How does a company decide to cut certain positions in the company to scale back on employment opportunities? What changes can we expect in the future from Google now that they have scaled back? Click here to read the source article

Tesla plans a $3.6 billion Nevada expansion to make Semi-trucks, and battery cells. How much does it cost Tesla to produce their Semi-trucks and battery cells? How many Semi-trucks does Tesla plan to make and sell within their first year of production? Click here to read the source article

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