Wendy’s Fan-Favorite Frosty Flavor Makes Triumphant Return to the Menu | Parade

We’ve finally got our wish: Wendy’s beloved Vanilla Frosty is officially making a comeback! After a months-long hiatus, the fast food chain announced this week that the cool, creamy classic would once again be back on Wendy’s menu.

The fan-favorite Vanilla Frosty was temporarily replaced by the Strawberry Frosty over the summer, followed by the seasonal Peppermint Frosty in November 2022. But now, the delicious chilly confection is triumphantly taking back its spot next to the famous Chocolate Frosty.

The Chocolate Frosty—the chain’s OG flavor—was first introduced in 1969, long before Vanilla was added to the menu in 2006 as the result of incessant customer requests. After its initial debut, the Vanilla Frosty quickly became a staple at the popular fast food chain restaurant, and Wendy’s lovers have had a sweet spot for it ever since.

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Rising Dough

Rising Dough - the question(s) that we need to think about from the reading.What impact does a restaurant have when they reintroduce a fan-favorite item?

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5 thoughts on “Wendy’s Fan-Favorite Frosty Flavor Makes Triumphant Return to the Menu | Parade”
  1. When Restaurants reintroduce fan favorite items it makes them want to go and visit that place and get that item they have been craving for a long. its a good way to bring in quick customers and attract those that are curious and haven’t try yet.

  2. I’m very happy about the return of these frosty’s they were something me and my family all enjoyed and bought often so seeing it return is special.

  3. When restaurants reintroduce fan favorite items it attracts more customers to come back and reminisce the good times with an item they have possibly been craving for a while. It also helps attracts new customers who are curious and eager to try it.

  4. The vanilla frosty is AMAZING! One of the best memories I have with Wendy’s is going with my brother to get our 99¢ cup of vanilla frosty with fries! Reintroducing the already popular item will attract customers to come back to the store and purchase it. It will also give the company a possible boost in sales and marketing, as people will be going through their drive-thru’s and stores and will be exposed to the new items/promotions that Wendy’s has.

  5. When restaurants reintroduce a fan favorite it brings an excitement to the costumers, and it makes then want to go spend money to but it which brings them increased sales

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