The Super Bowl is losing viewers under 50, reflecting how American media has fragmented

The Super Bowl is the number one viewed live event of the year, year-in-year-out.

This year’s game got 96.4 million viewers, the lowest rating since 2007. There are all sorts of theories about why the number was so low. The game wasn’t close. This season was weird because of the pandemic. Musical guest The Weeknd wasn’t much of a halftime draw.

But none of that gets to the meat of the issue. Here are Super Bowl ratings for18-to-49-year-olds — the prime demographic for advertisers — over the past ten years.

Some of the decline is related to the rise of streaming, which isn’t captured in Nielsen data (but will be in 2024). But not that much. About 5.7 million people streamed the Super Bowl this year, up from 3.4 million last year, according to The Streamable.

Forget the blowout game and weird halftime show. Whether it’s a thrilling Tom Brady comeback against the Atlanta Falcons in 2017, a magnificent Patrick Mahomes fourth quarter against the San Francisco 49ers in 2020, or Brady against Mahomes this year, it doesn’t matter. Fewer people under 50 are watching every year.Click here to read the source article

What is causing those under 50 to shy away from watching the big game? What could the NFL do to attract new viewers?

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2 thoughts on “The Super Bowl is losing viewers under 50, reflecting how American media has fragmented”
  1. I feel like the decline in viewers for the NFL from people under 50 is due to how much other things there is to watch now. With things like Netflix, Hulu and other streaming platforms, people have more options on what they want to watch, these options may be more appealing than the NFL. Another thing that could be causing the decline is the rise of video games and Esports. With the huge rise of video games people are shifting away from sports and turning to video games. I feel like there isn’t a way for the NFL to get back huge numbers of young viewers like back then, but they could bring some by having popular celebrities for things like half time shows.

  2. I think there is less people under 50 watching the big game because they care more about the halftime show or betting on whose winning because these days, everything is a competition. I think the NFL could involve more marketing and advertising aimed toward viewers under 50 so that it’s more relatable and entertaining to watch.

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