How Redditors Find the Next GameStop Stock

With every stock like GameStop (GME) comes another packed with the equivalent potential to reach new heights. However, varying characteristic between them can shift the perspectives of retail investors regarding which of their list of stocks will make the final cut. For starters, those whose stock price who fall at or below $25 have a substantially increased chance of being chosen. They must also be lightly traded as a stock having a history of low volatility will have an easier time breaking through its previous price ceilings (a dollar amount that a stock tends to not go above). Full Loaf Hot Link

Even with having the characteristics listed above, what do you think makes Redditors avoid a stock?

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9 thoughts on “How Redditors Find the Next GameStop Stock”
  1. There has been moments where swarms of smaller investors see themselves making an epic stand against the 1%. … Big bets they made that GameStop’s stock would fall went wrong, So it makes sense that Redditors avoid a stock

  2. I mean everyone was so sure that GameStop’s stocks were going to drop. But when they didn’t everyone was shocked and it felt like as if they threw their money away. So them being wrong one time makes them not want to do it again.

  3. I think redditors try and find stocks that not many people think to buy, so when value starts going up in the future they’ll worth a lot more than the ones from mainstream companies. This also seems to be an easier way to have valuable stocks.

  4. I think redditors would avoid buying stocks so they do no have a chance of losing their money if the stock drops.

  5. The redditors probably wouldn’t go towards a stock that many people are invested in considering that they usually choose this who’s stock prices are under $25. They also don’t want to be at risk of losing money.

  6. What would make these redditors not invest in a stock that fits their criteria is if they believe its still over valued. Certain stocks peak around the $25 and might be their 52 week high which would show more of a risk of the share price rising above. Also they look for stocks that are being shorted by banks or hedge funds, these people feel that a certain stock like Gamestop isn’t worth its current value and will borrow shares and resell them back after their price drops from making people buy them from less and they would sell them back as a profit. When the price goes up massively like Gamestop did all these people understood what was going on and it made these hedge funds that have huge amounts of money buy more shares to cover their borrowing which makes both parties raise volume and increase stock price quickly.

  7. When you look at the GameStop situation, the stock didn’t go the way the people have planned it would go which then caused a lot of issues. This is a reason why the Redditor’s would avoid the stocks on something like this. They wouldn’t want to risk it.

  8. I feel redditors would avoid a stock with a history of it being unknown. What i mean by that is that many people know of gamestop so they wanted in but there are many other stocks not many people know about so if you talk about it people would just be like sure.

  9. I feel that they are avoiding stocks because many people do not want to lose their money. As we can see with the GameStop situation, many people did not like that the stocks did not go the way that they planned it to go. Because of that many people are avoiding stocks because they are not certain that stocks would go their way in the future.

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