Six Flags plans to open all of its amusement parks for 2021 season

Covid-19 shut everything down last March. Millions of people were furloughed from their jobs. Now, nearly a year later entertainment and amusement parks are beginning to open.

Six Flags Entertainment Corporation says it is planning to open all 26 of its amusement parks and water parks for the 2021 season, including five that were not able to operate last year because of the coronavirus pandemic

.The company said it worked with epidemiologists to develop a reopening plan that “meets or exceeds federal, state, and local guidelines for sanitization, hygiene, and social distancing protocols.”

Six Flags will limit the number of people in its parks and guests will have to make reservations before their visits. Masks will be required for all workers and guests and they will also have to pass temperature checks, according to its website.

The company is also taking steps to encourage social distancing on rides, in lines and seating areas and other areas around its parks.

Six Flags (SIX) is hiring thousands of workers to operate its rides, restaurants and other attractions at its parks in the United States Mexico, and Canada, according to a news release.Click here to read the source article

Can Six Flags and other entertainment businesses rebound from the pandemic? Will people feel safe attending these entertainment venues?

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9 thoughts on “Six Flags plans to open all of its amusement parks for 2021 season”
  1. I feel if Disney and Universal are open with COVID-19 safety measurements I don’t see a problem for six flags to open all of their parks for this 2021 summer.

  2. Can Six Flags and other entertainment businesses rebound from the pandemic? Will people feel safe attending these entertainment venues?
    I think entertainment businesses can rebound from the pandemic being that the people who have stayed home and done nothing are expecting to leave the house and have fun. There is no guarantee that ALL businesses may have a successful comeback but based on my knowledge of Six Flags’ popularity, it will rebound. Some people may not feel safe because the amount of people who will want to be out, but if they truly feel unsafe they should not be out.

  3. I think theme parks and entertainment businesses like Six Flags can rebound from the pandemic if they take certain safety precautions and if they are strict. Many people still want to get out and live their lives. Also, I went to Six Flags during the pandemic and there was a good amount of people there, and they did a good job with social distancing.

  4. I do think that Six Flags can successfully rebound from the pandemic but they will probably have to make some changes to the park like spread out the lines, less people at the food locations that are in the park, less people on the rides at the same time, and less people in the park as a whole. If they do this successfully and make the park safer in general I’m sure lots of people will want to go as soon as they reopen, I just hope they can maintain the safe environment at the amusement park because if there is a outbreak at the park it could really bad for them.

  5. Six Flags can defiantly rebound from the pandemic but with obvious changes. They will need to follow CDC guidelines to make people feel safe. I think they will need to find away to limit the number of people they let into the park on one day. The park wont be the same but their is definitely potential especially because parks like bush gardens have already started to reopen.

  6. I do think Six Flags and other businesses can bounce back from the pandemic but not as much. Most people just don’t feel safe going into an amusement park where, most likely, those roller coaster seats are not sanitized after each person sits on that ride. Some people are okay with that fact but others just do not want to take that chance.

  7. I think that Six Flags and theme parks in general will do very well once they open back up because people are dying to get out of their houses to have fun and I think theme parks are doing a good job of following CDC guidelines. I think people will feel safe as long as everyone is wearing a mask and keeping their distance.

  8. Although it seems risky to open Six Flags back up, they seem to plan on taking the right measurements for everyones safety so they might even be able to rebound from the pandemic given the fact that more people are going to want to go since they haven’t been in a while. They have to make money somehow so it makes sense for them to want to open back up. I think people might not feel that safe because of the amount of people that will be going but they plan on following all the protocols so this might put peoples mind at ease.

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