Biden defends workers’ rights, warns of “threats” as Amazon employees work on union

In a video to the Alabama workers, Biden urged to “make [your] voice heard”. In their effort to establish a Union, he further warns that they may encounter threats and intimidation from their employer, but to not let that wave their spirits. Organizing Unions are some of the best ways for the working class to protect themselves and their families and thus Biden plans to actively increase Unionization throughout the U.S during his term.Full Loaf Hot Link

What does organizing a union do and why are so many companies against it?

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One thought on “Biden defends workers’ rights, warns of “threats” as Amazon employees work on union”
  1. Organizing a union brings together all the employees so that managers or owners or whoever know that the workers are not happy and something needs to be done to make the work environment better. So many companies are against it because they either don’t really care about their workers or they don’t want to look bad.

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