All Apple stores in U.S. open for business for first time since start of the pandemic

As first reported on 9to5Mac, all 270 Apple stores in the United States are open for business and are taking customers!

The store openings come as vaccines are rolling out, and the covid-19 pandemic seem to be getting under control. As per Apple’s policies, some stores will not be fully open, but will offer appointment-only visits and the Apple Express shopping option.

During the pandemic, Apple regularly closed and opened stores as the situation changed. Sometimes, Apple was known to close stores before official government notices forced stores to close. Apple CEO Tim Cook says that this decision could have impacted the companies holiday sales, saying that the company could have seen higher sales if their physical stores were open during the Holiday season.Click here to read the source article

How long do you think this will last? Will other big retailers follow and slowly open up their stores?

To read the full article, click on the “Full Loaf” image above! Come back after and let us know your thoughts.

By Jorge Sanchez

Writer at Today's Dough since January 2021. Jorge is involved in organizations such as FCCLA and DECA, where he holds various leadership positions. Jorge serves as the 2021-2022 Florida FCCLA State President, and 2021-2022 JHS DECA Vice President of Project Management. He currently attends Jefferson High School in Tampa, FL, and participates in the Business and Finance Leadership Academy.

4 thoughts on “All Apple stores in U.S. open for business for first time since start of the pandemic”
  1. I think its about time that they open up I believe that they should have been open way before and have taken advantage of the potential holiday sales. But I also have to say this also shows that Apple cares more about not spreading COVID and keeping people safe and not making more money.

  2. I think this will last until apple employees start testing positive. I think it is great that they are opening up because shopping online for products for my phone and other electronics get expensive when they come from someone else other than apple, and im tired of my stuff being “misplaced” in the mail. I hope other companies will follow apple to make people feel that things are getting better and give a sense that this whole pandemic will be over and every thing will be back to normal. By companies opening up, people that lost there jobs because of the pandemic have a chance for a job to support their family.

  3. I think this will last depending on how careful they are in the designated Apple Stores, if they follow the CDC guidelines it might be good for them, I think its good they are finally opening, we are getting closer to being normal again.

  4. I think this will last a very long time because this is Apple we’re talking about and no matter the circumstances, the company is always making money and they also market their products pretty good to consumers. I do think other big retailers will follow, but only if they have the money to do it because some of the big retailers that were doing great before the pandemic might not be doing that great now, but it also depends on the type of retailer.

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