White House moves up vaccine supply timeline, says U.S. will have enough for every adult by end of May

What an exciting announcement for today! The White House announced on Tuesday that the United States will have enough vaccines for every adult by the end of May! This is closer than their original prediction of July!

But the fight against Covid-19 isn’t over just yet: the question now is 1) who will vaccinate people?, and 2) where will be people get these vaccines?

The White House also is not sure when we will return to normal. As President Biden said, they are trying to keep that “going back to normal date” undisclosed to help ease the situation, since they themselves aren’t entirely sure when we would go back to normal. The President is hopeful though that by next year March 2022, Covid-19 should be under control.

This expansion of vaccines was made possible in part by new contracts, and the new Johnson & Johnson vaccine!Click here to read the source article

How will going “back to normal” impact people’s lives, and the well-being of businesses?

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By Jorge Sanchez

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6 thoughts on “White House moves up vaccine supply timeline, says U.S. will have enough for every adult by end of May”
  1. I do not think we will be able to go back to normal. Covid-19 has made everything really different and the thought of not wearing masks is weird. However, I do think businesses will get back to how they were before Covid-19.

  2. How will going “back to normal” impact people’s lives, and the well-being of businesses?
    Since this virus came in such an abrupt manner, going “back to normal”, per say, will be more of a gradual process. Not all individuals will feel the same comfortability to stop wearing their mask and freely surround themselves with large groups. I believe that some people will continue to wear their masks to ensure their safety and health since it is not certain who got the vaccine and who did not. Even if a majority were vaccinated, that does not mean they loose all chances of having the virus since the vaccine is only a way to lessen the severity of symptoms not prevent someone from getting sick.
    As far as the well-being of businesses, they too would have to gradually adjust like everyone else. I feel that even after the virus is “over” it would be good to keep CDC guidelines for the protection of their employees and customers, then slowly lessen requirements to increase business as cases decrease and the majority of the population is vaccinated.

  3. How will going “back to normal” impact people’s lives, and the well-being of businesses?
    I don’t think we will be normal like we used to before, but there is going to be a day where we will have COVID-19 but it would be more controlled and its not going to be a pandemic of a high risk. I think getting closer to a normal life its going to be helpful for the businesses

  4. The “going back to normal” will lead a lot of people to go back to work how they used to and will be in the same position financially as before if under the right circumstances. Although many people will not go back to normal, for example, people that had jobs and had been let go by businesses due to financial issues then they could lose a lot of things like a house or car. It will take some people a lot longer to “come back to normal”. Businesses will most likely see an increase in sales again and some may lose some. Businesses such as Amazon did well compared to others during this pandemic so it might not affect them much while on the other hand, small businesses that survived may see a drastic increase in revenue again to match what they were making before.

  5. I believe that going back to normal will be great for people’s lives, especially mentally, for many have felt isolated, uncomfortable, and alone for nearly a year now. The suicide rate, specifically in teenagers and children, has risen drastically, so going back to normal will help society as a whole. And businesses will begin to do better because they will be able to operate at full capacity, which will be of obvious help to their financial issues.

  6. How going back to normal can impact people’s lives is most possibly in a good way. Once the virus has been taken under control, life can continue on in which for the past year has consisted of crazy and uneventful things in our nation. Throughout the course of last March to now, so many people have felt stressed out on how bad this pandemic has turned out leading people who stay home feel alone and worrisome. For businesses, they will start off again to do better as those who are working for their financial issues, can operate and begin working again. As time goes on, people need to stay hopeful, wear a mask in public, and stay cautious.

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