Converse receives backlash throughout several social media platforms

Converse recently released a new collection of sneakers, in collaboration with National Parks, and with this release came a whole lot of backlash. Shortly after the drop a TikToker, Cecilia Marie ( @ceci.monge), posted a video explaining that she is the true designer behind this drop and her ideas were stolen.

Cecilia explains in the TikTok video that she applied for an internship with Converse. When applying she submitted a few design examples she came up with, she says she never heard back from them. Untill recently, when their new line was going viral. On their website they claim the shoes were inspired by national parks.

Her video rapidly gained the attention of many people. Most of which as upset and even angry with Converse for allegedly stealing her work. It is becoming a popular topic on Twitter, Instagram, and especially TikTok. Click here to read the source article Converse

How do you think Converse should handle this situation? Do you think this will negatively effect converse sales?

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