Report speculates that Google hasn’t updated its iOS apps in weeks to avoid providing privacy details

Beginning on December 8, 2020, Apple began to require App Store developers to report their privacy practices in new privacy “nutrition labels,” — which were added as part of iOS 14.3 to the App Store. A report from Fast Company has noted that Google has held off on updating their apps (such as Mail, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Chrome, etc.) in what is speculated to be an effort to avoid reporting their privacy practices to consumers.

What is interesting to note is that Android-based Google apps have received updates since the introduction of the privacy cards, while iOS apps have remained the same since December 7. It is believed that Google is working on improving its data collection practices, so as to avoid any public scandal that may come from the data that is collected — though, it is still not sure if that would even happen.

These new privacy cards were introduced by Apple to help consumers easily see the data that is collected and linked to them by apps on the App Store. All developers are required to provide this information as part of their app updates.Full Loaf Hot Link

How do you feel about companies that may be holding off on updating their apps because of these new privacy cards? Do you care if companies collect your personal data, or do you not? Let us know!

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