Wingstop Is Pivoting to Chicken Thighs Amid a Looming Chicken Wing Shortage

The past few months there has been a chicken wing shortage due to the pandemic with people not returning to work. This is causing disasters at restaurants all over the nation. The wing shortage is becoming a marketers dream for some companies, and one that is doing something different is Wingstop, the company had an innovative solution to the possible problem: Sell chicken thighs instead.

Wingstop’s newest culinary concept is called Thighstop. The virtual brand, which launched yesterday, is available via the app at more than 1,400 Wingstop locations nationwide, on the company’s website, or through DoorDash. Thighstop is serving up crispy chicken thighs either naked or drenched in one of Wingstop’s 11 sauces, and will have both bone-in thighs as well as breaded boneless thighs. For sides, there’s fresh-cut, seasoned fries, fried corn, and rolls. Click here to read the source article chicken thighs

Rising Dough

Rising Dough - the question(s) that we need to think about from the reading.Can chicken thighs become the next chicken wing? If there is a chicken wing shortage wouldn’t there be a chicken thigh shortage as well? How is Wingstop getting their chicken thighs to cook and sell?

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