The Slice of Bread for Wednesday, June 30th, 2021
  • Fox News agrees to pay $1 million fine in sexual harassment settlement. Is it easy for news companies to get out of lawsuits for sexual harassment charges because they can give up millions to drop the charges? Why is it ok for million dollar companies and million dollar athletes to pay their way out of these lawsuits?Click here to read the source article
  • Shopify cuts app store fees for developers on first $1 million in revenue. Will Shopify become bigger and better then amazon? What does Shopify need to change in their company layout in order to out pace amazons rapid growth?Click here to read the source article
  • Royal Caribbean mentions all unvaccinated travelers in Florida must have travel insurance if they decide to departure from Florida. Does every passenger and crew member have to get tested before and after leaving the ship? Will all Cruise ship brands operate the same way when dealing with covid-19 on their ships?Click here to read the source article

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