Elon Musk Close to Surpassing Jeff Bezos as World’s Richest Person

Elon Musk, the outspoken entrepreneur behind Tesla Inc. and SpaceX, kicked off the new year by homing in on a characteristically audacious title: the richest person on the planet.

A 2.8% rally in the electric carmaker’s share price Wednesday boosted Musk to within $3 billion of Amazon.com Inc. founder Jeff Bezos, who currently occupies the top spot on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, a ranking of the world’s 500 wealthiest people.Full Loaf Hot Link

Since 1987 until 2020 there has been 6 people who were listed at the Richest Person in the World. Jeff Bezos who is the current person has held the title since October of 2017. During this same time the Chicago Bears have had 32 different starting quarterbacks.

What do you think is the cause of the recent turnover and do you think that the title will change more rapidly over time?

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