The Slice of Bread for Wednesday, August 18th, 2021
  • Google unveils new budget Pixel phone as it continues to build out hardware business. When Google competes with Apple and Samsung what is the number one difference you spot between the phones? What big project is Google working on to help support the companies stock skyrocket?Click here to read the source article
  • Crypto Platform hit by $600 million heist and the hacker was asked to become the chief security advisor. Should the person that performed the heist be sent to jail instead of becoming hired in a security position? How much will this person get paid as a Chief security advisor?Click here to read the source article
  • Flights resume from Kabul airport as people are falling off the side of U.S. planes trying to escape. Should the U.S. be helping the people of Afghanistan? Are the U.S. responsible for the Taliban moving into Afghanistan as U.S. troops were removed just months ago?Click here to read the source article

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