Price Hikes Are Making This Grocery Store Food Soar In Popularity

(Eat This, Not That!) — As consumers return to a sense of normalcy, some pandemic shopping trends may be here to stay. Fresh food prices have gotten and are staying high right now, so many people are turning to aisles of the grocery store they may not normally shop in to find cheaper alternatives and options to make food last as long as possible. (Related: These 5 Recalls Are Affecting Products at Major Grocery Stores Nationwide Right Now)

The upward trend of frozen food consumption from 2020 continues strong into 2021, according to study findings by Deloitte released on Sept. 28. Researchers interviewed 2,000 grocery shoppers about their purchasing decisions in July 2021. Results found that frozen food sales are rising faster than fresh. While fresh saw only a 10% increase in sales since 2020, frozen sales grew by over double that.

woman in a medical mask is shopping at a supermarket in the frozen food department

Why are people giving produce the cold shoulder? Consumers are worried the fresh food on store shelves isn’t as fresh as it used to be. Sixty percent say the fruits, veggies, and other items are spoiling faster recently.

However, people also aren’t stepping into stores as often as before. According to a Deloitte report from last year, stores saw a 50% drop in frequent in-store shoppers (those who make multiple grocery visits per week) from 2019 to 2020. These concerns about recent perishability are leading buyers toward spoil-resistant options that will last between grocery trips.

When it comes to preference, frozen boasts some advantages. Three in four consumers say keeping food in the freezer and expanding its life is more convenient. Over 50% also say they like frozen foods because they are frozen at their peak nutritional value.

Price still prevails as the most significant factor, say 9 in 10 respondents. As grocery shoppers know all too well, prices went up and are still up and 62% of the surveyed shoppers agree that frozen is cheaper than fresh and thus they are sold on the cold. Full Loaf Hot Link groceries Original Article By: Amanda McDonald

Rising Dough

Rising Dough - the question(s) that we need to think about from the reading.Why are frozen foods cheaper than fresh? Will this trend continue into the future, what would cause it to change?

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7 thoughts on “Price Hikes Are Making This Grocery Store Food Soar In Popularity”
  1. They add a lot of preservatives to the frozen food that make them cheaper and can be on shelves for longer and in fridges for even longer. The trend will probably carry out until actual food prices go down and it is cheaper to make food with produce than frozen.

  2. Th fresh food goes by faster and cost more to maintain. While frozen foods last long and are cheap makings as the produce doesn’t have to be as high as quality as fresh.

  3. Fresh foods are more expensive because it’s takes more time to keep them Fresh where with frozen you can just put them in the freezer and they’ll be all right. I think this will continue in the future because even though frozen food is not as healthy. Some people can’t afford fresh food being that it is more expensive.

  4. Frozen foods don’t require a lot of maintenance and don’t need to be kept fresh which makes them cheaper. I think this trend will continue in the future because for most people frozen foods are cheaper and quicker than preparing their own meals, despite frozen foods not being as healthy.

  5. The fresh food doesn’t stay fresh and frozen
    food takes less effort to maintain tusk fresh foods.I think this trend will continue into the future because frozen food is cheaper , and people won’t want to spend as much on it anymore.

  6. Frozen food is cheaper than fresh food because of many reasons, such as easier transport and storage due to the long shelf life. Things like fresh meat spoils quickly, but frozen meat can stay in perfect condition for months. Also, most meats are seasonal; therefore, freezing will keep the prices down. This trend could continue in the future because many people seem to find frozen food more convenient due to how long it stays in good condition, how much cheaper it is than fresh food, and because of how much less people are grocery shopping in general. The only way this would change is if there is a big enough difference and big enough incentive to buy fresh food over frozen food which there isn’t much as of right now.

  7. The reason frozen food is cheaper than fresh food is because fresh food goes bad quicker and needs to be replaced sooner. I think this trend will continue since the longer the food lasts the less it will cost.

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