Ford’s e-scooter company is pulling out of any city that doesn’t limit competition — The Verge

Spin, the e-scooter company owned by Ford, announced a major restructuring Friday where it will pull out of “nearly all open permit markets.” More specifically, Spin is beginning to exit “a few” US markets, Germany, and Portugal, and it is “projecting” to close down in Spain as soon as February.

Moving forward, Spin says it will focus on “limited vendor markets,” where only a designated number of scooter companies are allowed to compete in a……….Full Loaf Hot Link[read more]

Rising Dough

Rising Dough - the question(s) that we need to think about from the reading.Is why does it seem that Ford is afraid of competition in the e-scooter market? What can Ford do to expand its market share in competitive markets?

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7 thoughts on “Ford’s e-scooter company is pulling out of any city that doesn’t limit competition — The Verge”
  1. that’s bad news for some people because it’s fast and fun and a lot of people like to use it to get to other places.

  2. Ford is positioned as a low-cost competitor with a focus on function. By making so much profit from one line of vehicles the company can invest more in its other models and subsidize them in order to increase their market share. It drives their sales growth in the U.S. The U.S. is the second largest automotive market in the world and is Ford’s main market.

  3. More competition is bad for business the more companies there are the less money there is for Ford other competitors may have better prices or better scooters so with more companies Ford begins to lose more money

    1. Ford is afraid of competition in the e-scooter market because some people may not want to use their scooter since they could be loyal to another brand. Ford can expand its market share by focusing on developing their scooter and getting the word out about it.

  4. this will affect most people because a lot of people use these scooters to get around ,especially those who don’t have cars the scooters are a huge impacts to them without these scooters will make many mad .

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