Why ViacomCBS Might Kill Showtime and Noggin — The Streamable

As the streaming wars heat up, every media company in the game is being forced to reassess its strategy. Disney has decided to funnel every Pixar movie to Disney+ while Marvel movies get a theatrical-only treatment. WarnerMedia made the big move to boost its numbers by releasing films on HBO Max the same day they appeared in theaters last year. And ViacomCBS has been moving slowly, rebranding CBS All Access as Paramount+ and slowly investing in streaming-first hits like “1883.” If ViacomCBS wants to make an even bigger splash, it could kill off two existing streaming services to make Paramount+ a more compelling value……..Full Loaf Hot Link[read more]

Rising Dough

Rising Dough - the question(s) that we need to think about from the reading.How effective is rebranding to a company? How can Paramount+ improve its position versus its competition?

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2 thoughts on “Why ViacomCBS Might Kill Showtime and Noggin — The Streamable”
  1. There is always a lot of competition in the streaming business since people buy the rights to popular stuff and it can only be streamed on their sites. Rebranded in a streaming service could kill a company or maybe even momentum, the only way that they can rebrand successfully is if they waste slot of money on marketing and making people know that they change their brand name and logo. They have to buy more popular shows so that people want to pay for the subscription to keep up with the shows or to watch them.

  2. Every media business in the game is having to rethink its approach. Disney has opted to direct every Pixar film to Disney+, while Marvel films will remain in theaters alone. Last year, WarnerMedia made a bold effort to enhance its statistics by releasing films on HBO Max the same day they were released in theaters.

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