The Slice of Bread for Friday, January 14, 2022

The solar window is starting up again and this time they aim to turn skyscrapers into vertical solar farms. How much would it cost to convert the windows on a building in New York and convert them into a solar farm? How soon would it take to start building solar farm office buildings? Click here to read the source article

Bill Gates made a comment about the Omicron variant saying covid will be more like the seasonal flu. Will covid be similar to the seasonal flu and will we get an annual covid shot if it does turn into the seasonal flu? When will we find the ultimate cure to covid and new variants? Click here to read the source article

Delta CEO says 8,000 employees have tested positive for covid in the last 4 weeks. How are Delta airlines dealing with flights scheduled with a crew that has recently discovered they have covid? How much money has Delta lost from having to cancel flights due to 8,000 employees not being able to work? Click here to read the source article

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