Rams trying to bar fans who are outside Los Angeles region from buying NFC title game tickets: report — FOX Business

Now that it’s official the Los Angeles Rams will be hosting the San Francisco 49ers in a third meeting this season between the NFC West rivals, the Rams are willing to do whatever it takes to make sure they have a true home-field advantage.

The Rams and 49ers will play at SoFi Stadium next Sunday, and Los Angeles is making sure there will be little-to-no Niners fans in attendance. A 49ers beat reporter took a screenshot of a disclaimer to buy tickets for the game, and it said……Full Loaf Hot Link[read more]

Rising Dough

Rising Dough - the question(s) that we need to think about from the reading.Why should the home team be allowed to limit who buys tickets to the title game? How many ticket buyers will read the disclaimer, explain? Why would the league allow this to happen?

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7 thoughts on “Rams trying to bar fans who are outside Los Angeles region from buying NFC title game tickets: report — FOX Business”
  1. I think what the rams are doing is smart but also unfair because if only people close to the rams can buy tickets odds are they are going to be rams fans and the other team won’t have as many fans in the stadium and due to a lack of fans the energy levels are going to be off and for example if the other team goes to snap the ball all of the rams fans can just start yelling and they won’t allow the center to hear the qb

  2. The home team would be allowed to limit who buys tickets to the title game due to home team and stadium advantage. Only about 40% of ticket buyers will read the disclaimer because most people skip over it and are just excited to be going to the game. The league allow this to happen because it’s their stadium and Covid.

  3. The home team should be allowed to regulate how many 49ers fans are their because then it is true home field advantage in a must win game. I think more ticket purchasers will read the disclaimer because it broadcasted more than on the ticket but I do think that alot of fans will have a surprise when they try to enter the game. The league would allow this to happen because the rams have a bigger fanbase and they want the rams to go to the Super Bowl more than the 49ers due to all they bigger name players.

  4. I believe the Rams are smart for doing what there doing because they get to limit the amount of opposing fans, but I do think it is unfair to San Francisco fans. Not just that but Unfair to the rams fans that live outside La.

  5. Having the Rams limiting and monitoring the number of tickets being sold leads an advantage to their supporting fans but will be a downfall for those who came to see the opposing team play. The experience would heavily be impacted on either side of the teams.

  6. I feel it’s unsportsmanlike to only have your fans in your stadium. At the end of the day the NFL is for entertainment and not allowing fans from the opposing team to come and enjoy the game is immoral.

  7. They are only trying to eliminate the opposing team fans from being able to see the game. This is kinda smart by the rams because it will help the rams to focus and will limit the noise in the stadium.

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