Tom Brady retires after 22 seasons, 7 Super Bowl titles — AP News

Tom Brady walked away from the NFL on his own terms, still at the top of his game.

Brady, the most successful quarterback in league history and one of the greatest champions in professional sports, has retired after…….Full Loaf Hot Link[read more]

Rising Dough

Rising Dough - the question(s) that we need to think about from the reading.How difficult will it be going from being a professional athlete to being a retired athlete and starting a new chapter in life? What are your thoughts on the retirement of Tom Brady at the top of the profession?

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20 thoughts on “Tom Brady retires after 22 seasons, 7 Super Bowl titles — AP News”
  1. It will be difficuilt because you’ll miss all the fun you had playing the sport and all your teammates and employees

  2. I don’t think it will be difficult at all especially for an athlete like Tom Brady. He is a legend and has too much to respect to be forgotten on what he has done for not only football but this world! My thoughts on his retirement is that he made the right choice. I feel like he has proved himself enough to one of the greatest athletes to do it. But there are bigger things than sports and one of them is family.

  3. It is difficult to be a retired athleted if you didnt mánage your money right from before but for the most part if you did good is pretty easy. It was good that he retired at this time because he leave at his best moment and that will bring good for him sad for his fans tho.

  4. I feel like Tom Brady is going to have an easy transition, since he moved to Tampa he’s gonna have to pay less taxes and have good sunny weather all times of the year and he’s been preparing to retire since leaving the patriots. It honestly feels surreal and I’m glad I got to watch the G.O.A.T play in my childhood years of football and retire at a good time for young QBs and let them lead the franchise if football.

  5. not hard because he is really rich and has all the time in the world to do what ever he wants. I think tom brady is The second best quarterback behind Joe Shiesty.

  6. I think is a legend and has too much to respect to be forgotten on what he has done .And i think on his retirement is that he made the right choice because he has proved himself enough to one of the greatest athletes to do it.

  7. Tom Brady shouldn’t be struggling much after his retirement he may miss the sport but everyone has a retirement time and he has decided his time is now and he’s played good games so he has left the NFL on a positive note

  8. I feel like its going to be hard for him. I believe he still had another year in him but if he wasn’t in the game 100% mentally then it was a smart move to retire and not ruin his legacy.

  9. It would be pretty difficult to go from an athlete to a regular career especially a professional football player. I personally think he will not struggle and he would be happy with his decision to retire.

  10. It would be difficult because he won’t be used to doing his old football routine. I think that he made a right choice. He proved to people that he was one of the best athletes to play. He has this time to himself to do whatever he plans on doing.

  11. It probably will be difficult considering Tom Brady is so used to being on a busy schedule with football etc.I think it’s a good thing for him considering he’s played football
    for so long, and all the things he’s achieved

  12. I believe it wont be difficult for him to adjust. It was a long time coming for him, retiring at his age. He will enjoy his time knowing he was a great (the greatest) quarterback in the NFL. My thoughts are that he should have at least won one more super bowl with Tampa bay. It could’ve been an even better end for his career instead of a loss before the NFC championship.

  13. I believe that this will be a big change for him and it will only be a very difficult time if he is irresponsible with his money because that has happened to many athletes. My thoughts on this are that he deserves to retire after working so long and that he should have a relaxed life.

  14. I feel like for Tom Brady the transition from professional athlete to retired won’t be to difficult as he has many endorsement deals and a family to keep him busy. Brady has nothing else to prove in the league so I understand why he is retiring. By retiring now Brady is retiring as still an arguably top 5 quarterback so we have never really seen Brady be bad or “washed” we’ve only seen greatness from the goat of football.

  15. The transition from being a famous athlete to an retired athlete won’t be a difficult decision made for Tom Brady because even if he is not playing professional sports, he still has a great reputation and career so that even if he is not playing in the game, he will still have loyal fans who will support anything he will do like writing a book, making a tv show, being a content creator, making advertisements. He will still be able to make profit from many other opportunities.

  16. With this change to the NFL and it’s more upcoming players, it will definitely leave behind Brady’s legacy but will also make watchers look out for a new person that’ll be just as good as Brady. As Brady has been working hard and being in the NFL definitely isn’t a easy job, but he has definitely left behind a name because of his good skill set that he has.

  17. Tom Brady will have to adjust to his new reality without football. His retirement gives him this opportunity to have quality time to himself without all the schedules and contracts restricting him from his personal life.

  18. It will definitely be a change going from athlete I’m working every day two retired not having to wake up as early it’s just a change in routine. It’ll take a little time to get used to but they’re starting something new which could be nice. Tom Brady himself felt that he needed to leave and retire now he can spend more time with his kids and his wife he just felt that it was time to go and that was his decision.

  19. Tom Brady did great in his career won many super bowls made lots of money invested it and made multiple brands and company’s he’s going to do great after retirement.

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