About Us

Today’s Dough (TD) brings meaningful news to high school and college students while offering reflection opportunities that allow students to think about what they are reading and how it shapes their daily lives. 

About the formula

Each day, our bakers curate news that interests students to help build awareness of the business world and prepare students for their futures. Each article contains a brief introduction and an engaging question for readers to consider as they read the full article. After reading, there are options to comment on the blog and read what others around the country have thought about the story too.

About the bread

TD is laid out into sections of easily consumable stories. Each day starts with Today’s Dough a daily stock market recap that provides an explanation of the previous day’s stock market performance and insight about what to expect in the next day/week. From there, the dough is separated into different topic areas:

  • Full Loaf delivers daily headline stories along with our bakers’ opinions on each headline. Each story includes engaging questions that provide readers an opportunity to form opinions and discuss with others.
  • Half Loaf offers short articles written by our student bakers and focuses on current topics in the news. Thought-provoking questions accompany each article to promote higher-level thinking and discussion. 
  • Slice of Bread is a quick take on three to five current events with brief commentary by our bakers. 
  • Burnt Toast ends each daily delivery. In these posts, our bakers reflect on historical news stories from the prior year to analyze ideas from then and now.  Readers will also be able to post their thoughts on how the headline affected them at that time and whether their opinions have changed since then.
  • The Dough Starter provides foundational articles to support and encourage deeper learning. Our master baker provides tools and information to make learning about business and finance easier to understand.

About the bakery

TD was created by a high school business/marketing teacher to incorporate more engagement into the classroom experience and make talking about daily news stories more interesting for students. Every day the students’ bellwork assignment was to discuss what was happening in the marketplace in business, finance, sports, and entertainment, but they were not excited to find, read, and talk about the news. The addition of TD changed that and proved to be a great idea. The students find it fun and entertaining; they love the format and want to talk about the stories while learning about the stock market. When class starts the students check their email, read the stories, and begin to discuss one or all of the stories as a whole or get into groups to have a discussion. Then present their ideas all within the first 5-10 minutes of class. 

How to incorporate Today’s Dough into your classroom

If Canvas or a similar learning management software is being used, TD can be used as a weekly assignment in a discussion format. Today’s Dough gets delivered to the student via email every morning before school starts. Students can post a synopsis about at least one article of their choosing from the week and include their ideas about the article information as well as proper source citations.  Students can also reply to their peers’ posts throughout the week to keep them engaged. 

As a result of incorporating TD into your class, students have a way to stay engaged in the news. It broadens the students’ lexicon, thought process, and allows them to explore new ideas. 

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