Slice of Bread for Tuesday, April 6th 2021
  • Facebook, Google and Microsoft’s stock skyrockets hitting all time highs as the U.S. had strong job growth numbers from last month. What makes investors want to pull their money out when a stock is doing good? Out of these three companies if you only had enough to buy 2 shares exactly which stock would you buy? Click here to read the source article
  • Tim Cook drops hints about Apple’s car plans and what he truly thinks about Elon Musk. Why is a company that sells phones, watches, computers and tablets trying to sell a car? Why do so many CEO’s talk about Elon Musk so much? Click here to read the source article
  • Southwest airlines are calling back 209 pilots as travel demands recover. What is the best airlines to fly with? How long will it be before we can go on airplanes without masks? Click here to read the source article

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