About Us

About Us

Today’s Dough (TD) is an innovative initiative that originated from the “Design for Delight” process while teaching a lesson in the classroom in 2020, led by Evan Statman. Evan, fueled by a passion for business news and a deep understanding of how it impacts consumers, business owners, stockholders, stakeholders, investors, and the overall economy, sought help from Ted Newfield, a high school computer science business teacher, for the website/newsletter design and layout, then engaged David Statman of custombuttons.com for the graphical design of all the logos. Today’s Dough thrives as a true collaboration, a testament to Evan’s commitment to encompassing the diverse facets of business news.

This passion for business news and its far-reaching effects on various entities is at the core of what Today’s Dough represents. The platform has evolved into a dynamic space, delivering meaningful news to high school and college students. It encourages critical thinking about the impact of current events on daily lives, aligning with Evan’s keen interest in understanding the intricate connections between business news and its broader implications.

Within this unique platform, affectionately known as “bakers,” students and teachers collaborate to curate articles that pique students’ interests. Each article is complemented by an abstract, allowing readers to click on a link to read the full article from its original source and a “Rising Dough” thought-provoking question, fostering reflection among readers. Students can actively contribute to the blog, sharing their perspectives and engaging in a nationwide dialogue about the news.

TD is organized into various sections, starting with “First Slice,” a daily stock market recap offering insights into the previous day’s market performance. “Full Loaf” features four daily headline stories, while “Half Loaf” includes articles by bakers, offering a concise analysis of current news.

“A Slice of Bread” covers three to five news topics with the bakers’ takes, and each daily delivery includes “Breadcrumbs,” sourced from the National Day Calendar at nationaldaycalendar.com, offering interesting tidbits related to national observances.

Beyond regular content, “Burnt Toast” allows bakers to revisit stock market stories on this historical day. Following “Market Memories,” students engage in the “Know Your Dough” weekly quiz on Fridays, consolidating their learning from the week’s news.

The incorporation of TD into the classroom has not only enhanced engagement but has also grown to a readership of over 100,000 individuals. It keeps students informed, enriches their vocabulary, promotes critical thinking, and encourages the exploration of new ideas. To embark on this transformative educational journey, visit www.todaysdough.com and start receiving your fresh “Loaf of Bread” daily……..TDBW-Slice-Medium-e1701798101768 About Us