Quiz Time for Friday, May 31, 2024. Let’s See How Well You Know Your Dough!

Quiz Time for Friday, May 31, 2024. Let’s See How Well You Know Your Dough!

Quiz Time for Friday, May 31, 2024. Let’s See How Well You Know Your Dough!

Get ready to embark on an exhilarating journey to test your mastery of the dough game! Brace yourself as we delve into the depths of your knowledge, examining if you’ve been on the edge of your seat all week, eagerly absorbing every detail. It’s time to prove that you’re not just a casual observer but a true connoisseur of all things dough!



Congratulations on acing the “Know Your Dough” quiz from Today’s Dough! You’re officially a certified dough expert. If doughnuts were currency, you’d be rolling in the dough right now! 🍩💰😄

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Oh no, it seems like you didn’t quite rise to the occasion in the Know Your Dough quiz from Today’s Dough! Donut worry though, sometimes it takes a little more time to dough-come an expert. Keep kneading your knowledge, and you’ll be rolling in the dough of wisdom in no time! 🍩😄

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#1. What pivotal shift in collegiate athletics economics recently occurred, promising a $2.8 billion settlement and potentially altering athlete compensation dynamics?

#2. What is one of the main reasons cited by T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert for the company's recent acquisition of U.S. Cellular's wireless operations?

#3. Which company collaborates with Costco to produce Kirkland Signature bottled water?

#4. Amazon's potential acquisition of NBA broadcasting rights has stirred considerable interest, signaling a significant shift in the sports media landscape. Given the escalating bidding war, who currently holds the right to match any offer made for the NBA TV rights?

#5. Which university recently garnered attention for its expansion of the "Opportunity Vanderbilt" financial aid program?

#6. What is one of the distinguishing features of CUP in South Tampa?

#7. What did Bill Walton become known as in San Diego?

#8. What factor played a significant role in bolstering overall consumer sentiment according to Dana Peterson, the chief economist at the Conference Board?

#9. What is the average age of passenger cars and light trucks on American roads, according to a recent report by S&P Global Mobility?

#10. Amidst economic challenges, which areas did the government aim to address according to recent announcements?

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