Biden will direct states to make all adults eligible for the Covid vaccine by May 1

Speaking on Thursday on the anniversary of the pandemic, President Biden called for Americans to not put their guard down, as well as direct states to make all adults age 18 and above eligible for the Covid-19 vaccine by May 1.

President Biden is hopeful that by July, we will all be able to gather in small parties to celebrate for Fourth of July as well, but has warned that we can only do this if the pandemic is under control and the situation does not change.

If we all do our part, this country will be vaccinated soon, our economy will be on the mend, our kids will be back in school, and we’ll have proven once again that this country can do anything

President Biden

This speech came as the US vaccinated a record number of people over the weekend: about 2.9 million on Saturday, and 2.4 million on Sunday.Click here to read the source article

Could making vaccines open for all adults by May 1st be possible? What effect could this have?

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By Jorge Sanchez

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14 thoughts on “Biden will direct states to make all adults eligible for the Covid vaccine by May 1”
  1. I feel that making it available for all adults is possible because they have been producing a lot of vaccines so far for anyone over 60. The effect I think this will have is it will decrease the number of COVID-19 diagnosis especially since the number has already started to go down.

  2. It depends on what state they live in because some states are having trouble administering the vaccines. I think it will have a positive effect because there are so many adults who walk around with no masks in public and they make younger people think they can do it as well, so they might as well get the vaccine and set a better example for the younger people.

  3. I think vaccines may not be available for adults on May 1st because that a lot of vaccines that still need to be produced. Maybe later in the summer vaccines for adult will be produced. The effect this could have on us is the decrease of COVID-19 cases. This could possibly lead us to having more of our freedom now. The more people that get the vaccines the sooner we can get back to our normal.

  4. I think the vaccines will not be ready by May 1st. They would have to non stop work on it now to be able to get to every adult in the united states. plus we haven’t really seen a long term effect on the ones how have received the vaccine its different for everyone. Hopefully it will drop the number of Covid cases we have. Maybe we don’t even have to wear masks anymore. One can only hope.

  5. I agree with you Vanessa I also don’t think they will have the vaccines ready for all adults. But I do believe it will have a good outcome if it does.

  6. I think the vaccine will be available for adults but not all states only certain ones who can afford it and some states don’t even care enough to wear masks so why should they be eligible for the vaccine. the effect this will have will be reducing and decreasing the amount of COVID-19 cases.

  7. i feel as if the possibility of all adults over 18 being eligible to receive the vaccine is plausible because they are excluding the kids for now leaving more availability. this could have a very positive effect for businesses who can finally open up more and start booming again. especially indoor businesses who can reduce some of their social distancing rules but i feel that all attendees must be vaccinated

  8. I believe it is possible to allow all adults to be vaccinated by May 1st. This will make covid cases go down and it will help stabilize the country. We still don’t really know what is in the vaccine so there is always that concern.

  9. I think opening vaccines for all adults by May 1st could be possible and I think it could have a good effect because this could allow more people to gather in safe way. With more people being able to take the vaccine, this could mean that more people can return to normal activities and feel safe about it. This could result in the economy recovering faster and students returning to school completely.

  10. i don’t think every adult will be vaccinated by may 1st probably by the time summer ends . but i think it will have a good effect , everyone doesn’t have to wear mask we can go back to normal

  11. i believe vaccines will not be able for everyone by May 1st due to demand. There are many people in the U.S. for that many vaccines to be distributed in bulk especially when you have to get the shot twice by appointment. i believe that this won’t have a negative nor positive effect due to the fact that there’s no way vaccines can be distributed that quickly.

  12. Due to the amount of people in the united states i think it is highly unlikely to make sure vaccines are available by may 1st unless they have already been distributed throughout states without our knowledge

  13. I don’t believe having vaccines available for all adults by May 2st would be possible. It wouldn’t be possible because that’s a lot of vaccines that have to be made and May is only 2 months away. Also they have to consider the millions of adults in the US.

  14. I think it all depends on the speed of the distribution currently. I think it may be possible if they speed the distribution just enough so they may start to give the vaccine towards adults. I think this may have a big effect because more stores and places may start to be more lenient and less cautious. This may be due to most having a vaccine by that point, excluding minors.

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